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XTERRA Sicily Long Distance: Trip to Palermo

Within the staff of XTERRA Italy, but more generally within all sports organizations there are people who understand sports, people who understand each other and who practice it, people who are passionate who do not practice it and see it with different eyes. Those eyes, they have a more critical and more vision [...]

XTERRA Italy Long Distance Sicily: the location and the event.

The long pilgrimage of XTERRA around Europe, touching new nations every year on the first experience, the returns of "old" nations after a few years of pause, changes of location within the same nation stopped in southern Italy, in Sicily, where even the triathlon is growing significantly, the cross triathlon is [...]


XTERRA Italy Lake Scanno: second release, hurry up.

Yes, gentlemen, the second tranche of subsidized registrations is coming to an end. If we really want to think of it correctly, that means two things; that you have lost the first release, but there can be, you are not always ready to make a decision in a few days, especially when this is the most difficult decision ... start [...]

Italy: XTERRA land, triathlon cross land. The first Long Distance arrives.

A few hours after the official release of the official XTERRA European Tour of XTERRA Poland, a lightning bursts the cross-triathlon panorama, Italian, European and yes, also worldwide. Not that the sky was gray, or stormed with clouds, in Italy we travel at the rhythm of two XTERRA stages also for the 2019. Already [...]

XTERRA Italy Lake Scanno and Cross-tri.

A few days ago from the portal was published the news of the partnership with XTERRA Italy. The emphasis of the portal faithfully reflects the success of the collaboration. The pleasure of working together reflects what XTERRA intends to communicate in these lines. The partnership can be understood in many ways, sometimes it can mean [...]

Registration - New Promotion

Only for the most tenacious Warriors! Until the end of February, take advantage of the XTERRA Italy Garda promotion. By subscribing to the XTERRA FULL or XTERRA SPRINT races you will receive promotional prices. Find all the info here: XTERRA ITALY GARDA - DO NOT MAKE IT TELL!


The moment is near. The countdown is ready to go. Saturday 15 December 2018, from 00.00 hours, officially open the inscriptions for the two Italian stages of XTERRA. The prestigious Triathlon Off Road world circuit is also proposed in the 2019 season with two spectacular events in the Peninsula. The first, scheduled to [...]


Much more than just a race. The 2019 edition of XTERRA Italy Lake Garda announces itself as a whole weekend of triathlon: running, cycling and swimming, but also entertainment, fun and collateral events in the XTERRA village. Between Friday 24 May and Sunday 26 May 2019 the town of Toscolano Maderno and Lake Garda [...]


For the second consecutive year, Toscolano Maderno will welcome the people of the off-road triathlon, transforming itself at the end of May 2019 into the world epicenter of the XTERRA circuit. A reason of pride and pride for the picturesque town overlooking water and mountains on the Brescia side of Lake Garda, which once again will benefit from the powerful showcase [...]