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ISWEB spa partner of XTERRA Italy Lake Scanno

ISWEB spa, formerly Internet Soluzioni srl alongside XTERRA Italy Lake Scanno.
The reality of Abruzzo, based in Avezzano, took the opportunity to enter the world of triathlon cross passing through the main door, XTERRA, taking advantage of the knowledge and proximity to Scanno, the third Italian meeting place for the Warrios of the world cross. He shares important values ​​such as loyalty, sportsmanship, teamwork, discipline, fair play on which he founded his roots. The values ​​shared with the staff and with the XTERRA format represent the main path that both companies pursue. Already sponsor of the Avezzano Rugby, a sport in which ISWEB Spa has recognized the same quality of intent and vision for the sport.

Who is ISWEB Spa? The company was born at the end of the 90 years, dealing with design and development for network environments. Subsequently with the birth of ISWEB a real application was born oriented to the efficiency of the systems of the public administration with which it collaborates for years and for which it has designed, designs and manages institutional websites and the consequent efficiency of the continuously evolving regulations. The choice to "stay" located in a small town in the Abruzzo interland derives from the fact that the company prefers to give people working internally a serene environment far from the chaos of the city, also basing its business management on values important.

Working in a serene, competitive, stable and dynamic environment is something that gives its employees quality of work and possibilities for improvement, avoiding unnecessary stress. This, without renouncing the continuous growth and the acceptance of new challenges which can be traveling alongside a company like XTERRA Italy that develops important sporting values ​​and ever-increasing challenges that go beyond regional and national boundaries, reaching partners and competitors from all over the world that in Scanno convey all the forces to face the hard dirt tracks and face in the best way the challenge with nature, which is known, in Abruzzo it is bursting and energizing.

We renew the 19 / 20 and 21 July weekend's appointment for XTERRA Italy Lake Scanno and for 18 and 19 for the new XTERRA Italy project and Tecnichal Camp's Cross-Tri with exceptional guest and “technical” Xavier Dafflon , winner of the 2017 edition in Scanno.

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