Italy: XTERRA land, triathlon cross land. The first Long Distance arrives.

A few hours after the official release of the official XTERRA European Tour of XTERRA Poland, a lightning bursts the cross-triathlon panorama, Italian, European and yes, also worldwide. Not that the sky was gray, or stormed with clouds, in Italy we travel at the pace of two stages XTERRA also for the 2019. Already this, in itself, is a record that goes hand in hand with that of XTERRA France which provides for the second event in Megève on the long distance.

The pride of having found a suitable partner for the purpose, the enthusiasm with which it was sought, in Italy, in an official way, the first XTERRA Long Distance of Italian history.

If we were to ask where you would be expected to be organized, what would you answer? Liguria? Lombardy? In some northern Italian lake? None of this. You go to the south, in the province of Palermo, in a land unknown for many and we believe unsuspected. You have to know that at 750 meters above sea level, about 30 km from the center of Palermo and just as many from the airport there is a lake that for some decades has become an oasis of WWF.

Totally managed by Enel, the Lake of Piana degli Albanesi turns out to be a real natural landscape jewel. But this will not be the moment in which we will reveal all the details of the event.

What we wanted to transmit today to the world of off-road triathlon is that during the 22 weekend, 23 June 2019, Italy will turn on the third XTERRA. A long distance. What does it mean?

That if for XTERRA Full you swim for 1,5km, in the LD (long distance) you will do it for 2 km. If you normally ride for 30 / 35, here, it will double the distance. The trail? From 10 to about 20. But one thing we want to communicate to you. The event in question will not have the same technical difficulties as the other two brothers, XTERRA Italy Lake Scanno e XTERRA Italy Lake Garda.

The routes will be deliberately made accessible to those who love to get involved in long distances but have not yet acquired the driving skills of Nino Schurter in mountain biking or the mountain race of Kilian Jornet.

An invitation to the "disappointed" of the loss of the "means" of Pescara? Maybe. Just stay tuned, to have the certainty that theXTERRA Italy Sicily it will be an event that will all agree. ASD EXTREMA warranty.

9 thoughts on "Italy: XTERRA land, triathlon cross land. The first Long Distance arrives."

  1. Biagio says:

    Great initiative!
    I always spent my holidays at Lake Piana, doing wind surfing and rowing!
    Who knows what happened to Ulivuzzo, owner of the structure where we were staying!

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