XTERRA Italy Lake Scanno and Cross-tri.

A few days ago from the portal cross-tri.com was published the news of the partnership with XTERRA Italy. The emphasis of the portal faithfully reflects the success of the collaboration. The pleasure of working together reflects what XTERRA intends to communicate in these lines. The partnership can be understood in many ways, sometimes it can mean a lot but the truth is that often it means only partnerships but without being able to fully understand why, but above all what.

Cross-tri was born a few months ago, XTERRA for some years now. There is no doubt that the cross triathlon in the world has had and has as main vehicle XTERRA World, with what we can define in the jargon, continental circuits, XTERRA Europe, XTERRA Asia Pacific, XTERRA Pan America. It is objective that this is missing in Italy, that is a portal that devotes all its energies to the cross triathlon. XTERRA Italy Lake Scanno has therefore considered it profitable to establish with cross-tri.com a partnership that shares the same objectives: dissemination of the discipline through the description of the cross world, the XTERRA world, athletes, events and everything that revolves around this reality .

What will be the cross-tri for XTERRA Italy will be all that part of communication regarding the technical aspects, the feedback of the routes, the interviews to pro-riders but also to the age group to improve the offer both in commercial terms but also in technical terms. The goal is to share with the portal the transmission of the XTERRA spirit, the will of the people who revolve around the XTERRA Italy project to become "great" to aspire to leading positions in the world cross triathlon. The recognition to XTERRA Lake Scanno as GOLD race goes in this direction, rewards us and makes us responsible. At Cross-Tri we have assigned the task of sharing this responsibility, of divulging our spirit, our commitment to improving ourselves, our initiatives. Here is the meaning of our partnership. The road is marked by the experience of past editions, by the enthusiasm with which it is necessary to work to propose something that athletes remain imprinted for years.

At Scanno it is still snowing, it is cold and for a few weeks the tracks will remain at rest. But soon they will be dusted off and made available for all outdoor activities that are certainly not lacking in Scanno.

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