XTERRA Italy is the exaltation of skills in cross triathlon, it is the most exciting race on the international circuit.

• 1.500m swimming in Lake Scanno

• 33.000m of single track tracks

• 10.000m of trail running

How many resources do you dedicate to participating in this race?

By resources we mean:

• external ones such as equipment, bikes, wetsuits, shoes, supplements, clothing;

• that those within the athlete level of training, driving skills, water skills, strength.

We invest a lot of money in the purchase of highly performing vehicles when we are able to exploit only a small part of the potential.

To bring the medal from FINISHER home you must be prepared both physically and technically.

The preparation starts with a good analysis of the current situation to determine the strengths and areas for improvement.

Then we move on to planning workouts optimally, setting specific goals and choosing more efficient methods and means of preparation.

This is why we propose meetings to improve your weaknesses and consolidate your strengths with gods technicians e recognized coaches e certified by the XTERRA circuit.

These training meetings are intended to bring new triathletes closer to these exciting events and to give veterans the opportunity to confront, update and optimize their performance.