XTERRA Italy Lake Scanno: second release, hurry up.

Yes, gentlemen, the second tranche of subsidized registrations is coming to an end. If we really want to think of it correctly, that means two things; that you have lost the first release, but there can be, you are not always ready to make a decision in a few days, especially when this is the most difficult decision ... start to train.

Here, in fact, starting to train is the second. We will explain ourselves better. It is March, mid-March now. Registrations a XTERRA Italy Lake Scanno e Lake Garda they were opened in mid-December, therefore, three months ago. The one who already had the arrow in the bow let her go and took center stage; who instead had that arrow and "ahinoi" has still in the quiver would do well at least to begin to challenge it and position it. Four months are not few to prepare a XTERRA well, they are a sufficient number of days to repeat the training sessions towards the conquest of the heart-shaped lake finish line lake of Scanno.

We take this opportunity to bring to mind a way of doing that "persecutes" triathletes. Which? The habit of registering for races well in advance to have the right motivation to get up in the morning leaving the warm sheets and go diving in the pool for a swim; slip on your running shoes the evening you return from work and take up your trusty bike all the moments in which you have this chance a few hours.

It is a "post-it" this, a reminder, not only that the fee will increase by 15 euro, but that the time to prepare a race like XTERRA does not give rise to second thoughts.

Time is now!


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