XTERRA Italy Lake Scanno: the Bear Land.

In the beginning it was the Bear and not the mountain bike. In the beginning, in Scanno, bears of different sizes roamed the streets of the town, dangling, perhaps looking for friendship and not just for food.

In the beginning, but even now in Scanno, in the woods, around the shores of the lake, the Marsicano Bear finds refuge, shelter, food and consideration.

There are about 50 specimens in the territory of the National Park of Abruzzo that from time to time "trespass" the "Maginot" line of the reserve to go up to the protected area which continues up to Scanno.

The Abruzzese town, in fact, which hosts the Gold stage of the XTERRA circuit, is not inside the National Park of Abruzzo but in its outer protection belt as you might think, the Bears don't go there.

The Bear Land it was born predominantly from what the Bears represent for the "Scannese" people. They are attractive, affectionate, they are videos to be filmed in the streets of the town, discovered during their nightly raid among the famous steps that are faced during the race, among the characteristic alleys.

Sometimes, they don't stop in the village but go all the way to the lake.

That lake that the And July 18 19 2020 will host again, for the eighth time, athletes from all over the world to compete on what is called the toughest race on the circuit XTERRA.

Legend has it that last year, just in the "transition zone", a bear roamed the night before the event. Curious, he checked between a banner and a fence that everything was in place for the Sunday battle which, like every year, becomes epic and legendary.

Who knows then that the Bear himself has not lurked among the trails crossed by triathletes to appreciate their exploits.

Who knows, if that Orso was fascinated, surprised, or simply thought that the triathlete, in itself, is only a human Bear but in the end he often reflects the features and characteristics of that Bear who Scanno seems to have wanted to make sure that the XTERRA show can also be for him.

The Bear Land and this. The Bear Land is a perfect territory to be shared among humans, bears, triathletes, sports enthusiasts, nature lovers, air, mountains, trails, food, peace, quiet, history.

The Bear Land it is a tribute to an animal as fascinating as it is familiar from the parts of Scanno which also gives its name to a characteristic dessert: "the Bear's Pan".

The Bear Land is this, but also much more and ... you will find out soon.

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