Triathlete ... we start with 1500 swimming mt followed by a dynamic MTB route of 2 RPM - the first of 11 km followed by the second round of 19 km - and finally with 10 km of trail run ... and you have conquered the finish line! !!

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XTERRA also presents a "light" version called XTERRA SPRINT, with half distances compared to the full version, with a swimming path of 750 mt, 12-14 km of mountain bikes on a mixed terrain with some softer and more technical sections, and a sliding trail run of 7-8 km.

XTERRA SPRINT is made for all those who love the outdoors and nature and who want to become part of the XTERRA tribe and discover the beauty of an off-road triathlon, alone or in the relay of two or three participants. XTERRA SPRINT can be considered in terms of distances as a Sprint Triathlon, but for the physical and mental aspect it is like an Olympic Triathlon.

Take part in the X tribe, be wild and believe in yourself .. you're stronger than you think


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