XTERRA Italy Sicily: Alessandro De Gasperi returns to run an XTERRA?

Without going too far around the subject and without tricks and deceptions from social media managers, we immediately answer the question: "Did Maria, Degasperi accept the invitation? Yes, Degasperi accepted the invitation ".

Paraphrasing the famous television program "C'e per te per te" we summarize the answer to the title question. Things can have gone in so many ways, but the important thing is that an athlete like Alessandro, winner of IRONMAN Lanzarote last year, with participations in the most famous IRONMAN of the world and protagonist in the world finals of Kona has "trained" his ears when became aware of a "different" XTERRA.

We wanted to have a chat with him asking how 10's latest IRONMAN adventure in Lanzarote was days ago and why he wanted to include XTERRA Sicily in the calendar.

First of all, we would like to know how you are after Lanzarote, considering that we have had news of some small “illnesses”, so to speak, that has affected your performance.

Hello! Well, now I am quite well and I have resumed training practically at full capacity, but it took me a week to recover from the abdominal / diaphragmatic contraction that came to me in Lanzarote during the IM ...

You were aiming a lot at this event as you managed to win it last year. How do programs change now in light of the tenth place they have conquered?

Yes, IM Lanzarote is a competition that has given me so much, and which I believe will still give me something in the future. This year, unfortunately, it did not go as I had hoped, and therefore the programs will surely change. First of all, focus on the bike up to Roth, and then I'll focus on IM Italy.

A few years ago, (2013 or 2014?) We saw you engaged in Scanno's XTERRA where, however, you didn't bring the race to a close due to a technical problem. How much did you like the XTERRA world?

Actually, a lot earlier, at the beginning of the 2000 years and up until 2007, there were always some XTERRA in my calendar, and I also won one or two Italian Championships ...

But then gradually we saw you focused more and more on the road not seeing you more protagonist of XTERRA appointments but more generally in the Off-Road. Has anything changed in you or has anything changed in the circuit so you decided not to run it anymore?

Yes, actually, since I decided to move to longer distances (70.3 and IM), I had to concentrate more on the time trial bike, I left the Winter Triathlon in winter, and therefore also the XTERRA, especially due to the increase in the degree of difficulty of many races in the MTB section and sometimes also in the race, which did not allow me to be competitive anymore.

What attracted you most about the XTERRA circuit? What do you think you look like IRONMAN, how does it differ from your great experience in both circuits?

The charm of the XTERRA is certainly to be able to stay in contact with nature, out of traffic and smog and far from the danger that is increasingly present on our roads. As in the IM also the XTERRA is much more individual, if you will, than the classic triathlon, since the MTB trail is quite irrelevant. The preparation, however, is quite different, especially if the bike hamlets are closer to the Cross Country than the Marathons, to use a biker language

Let's go to the point: XTERRA Sicily can be your big return to the circuit. Why? Do you think that the reasons that led you away from the circuit have failed or the Long Distance represents a breaking point, a turn of XTERRA?

Yes, getting closer to XTERRA is certainly something that attracts me, and that I will surely want to do. This new formula could be the right opportunity!

The off road triathlon is a niche discipline, if this can be defined; a Long Distance, perhaps with minor technical difficulties compared to a classic XTERRA can attract triathletes from the road? If yes, what aspects do you think are essential to improve this interest?

Yes, we say that this new formula could bring long distance athletes closer to the XTERRA world: simpler routes and slightly longer races could be good opportunities to differentiate the experiences a bit even for those who are not too technical on fat wheels .

You are a professional athlete, an athlete who runs to win; in Sicily the goal will be the victory or will you use the appointment as a "test" for a return in great future style and as training for the next competitive commitments?

Surely I am not yet prepared on the specific vehicle: it will be a year that I do not get on MTB and on a continuous basis almost a dozen (laughs), so I think the return will be gradual, looking also at what will be the evolution of this new circuit XTERRA LD

I close with a provocation on the world of triathlon but more generally of cycling: do you think it is easier for a street racer to become a biker or a biker a street racer?

In my opinion a biker has more chances to become a good roadster, but I am convinced that many more road users can or could approach MTB to do something different, with less danger and, at times, more relaxing.

Alessandro's goals will not change abruptly, on the other hand he is a great athlete who still has so much to give on the distance IRONMAN so it is right that he continues to express himself at his best in that field. However, there is a though. The seed planted years ago by the off-road is coming back to germinate again and we can understand that if he manages to manage periods and appointments he will surely want in the near future to repeat what he is about to do for the XTERRA Italy Sicily LD. From the XTERRA circuit and from all the cross movement we believe it can be a "Welcome Back Ale".

Thanks so much

Emanuele Innarilli - CrossTri

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