XTERRA Italy Sicily LD: two stories, two goals.

With just a few hours left to launch the first Long Distance in Sicily that will pave the way to what could become a format that over the years will probably be a constant in the XTERRA world. Sicily brings to mind stories of the sea, of good food, of land of rare historical and territorial beauty.

This time the opportunity of the XTERRA has attracted the attention of two characters who have little or nothing in common between them, if not the passion for the same sport. In one, the XTERRA passion flows freely and is fed step by step. In the other hand that passion has given way to the twin discipline, the road, after having been seduced by it for many years. But it is not a story of seduction and abandonment, rather of seduction and see you soon.

Who are we talking about? By Alessandro Degasperi who, after years of absence in the off-road triathlon, wanted to return to being a protagonist in a distance that was certainly more appropriate to him and Emanuele Iannarilli, founder of cross.tri.com, an amateur, who more than of real competition makes his experience in off-road triathlon an occasion for reflections, stories.

The two met a few years ago just during a XTERRA at Lake Scanno, but then the two roads were totally separated. Alessandro followed the passion for the street and Emanuele that of mountain biking and destiny led them to fight again to be at the start of the same event. The affinities are many, they are the two ways of facing the experience that stand out. Obviously, being Alessandro a pro, a professional IRONMAN runs to win, he runs to train his next competitive events and in Sicily we will get load to fight until the last meter. Emanuele, on the other hand, is an age group. For heaven's sake, this does not disdain results and performance, but this time he decided to make it "strange". His will not be a "simple" XTERRA Long Distance but it will be a LD to which he will arrive by bicycle. Yes, that's right, you will travel the kilometers that separate Bologna from Piana degli Albanesi with its mountain bike, bringing with it everything you need to be able to face the Sunday race. Madness? Unconsciousness? No, in this case, solidarity.

His journey is in fact linked by a cordon of goodness with the Meyer Pediatric Hospital Foundation of Florence for which Emanuele will collect funds for "Play Therapy", thanks also to the 0 intervention of the co (organizing committee) of XTERRA Italy which he believed , supported and contributed to make this become a reality. The game is the constant, after all, sport for many age groups is a game not a profession. At Meyer, that game serves as a special therapy for the children who are guests of the facility. With the harvest a part of the hospital will be used for an environment to share playful moments with hospital and family staff to make their stay less harsh than the illness already makes it. It is precisely the game that has struck, because it binds this enterprise that will begin the June 19 from Bologna and will end a few days later in Piana degli Albanesi with participation in XTERRA, sport, sharing of moments of happiness.

Saturday 22 June Emanuele and Alessandro will meet again, they will meet on a competition field, with different goals, we repeat it and they will talk about their journey, their experiences. There are two questions that are worth considering given some situations of both. Alessandro, after the Lanzarote IRONMAN, is not going through high-profile moments due to some problems in the race and he needs to put some things back.

Emanuele, on the other hand, will have the big question of the time in which he will have to ride without, or at least with few stops to reach the appointment with the ferry in time to take off towards the sea of ​​Sicily. In both cases, we have a certainty: they will give it their all to be able to be part of the game and it would be romantic that what starts well, ended up just as well, perhaps with a large sum collected to donate to the Meyer Foundation.

You can follow them on their official pages: Alessandro Degasperi and on Cross-Tri or Vaiforte rischiaforte.

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