To participate in the races of XTERRA Italy it is necessary to register as per the procedure on the site.

Who can register?

When the race / race package is collected, the registered athletes must present the following documents:

  • Valid identity document;
  • Valid FITRI Card (National Triathlon Federation of your country) *;
  • Competitive medical certificate for Italian athlete ** (for the triathlon: swimming, cycling, running);
  • Italian competitive medical certificate for foreign athlete ***
  • Disclaimer completed and signed by the individual athletes and by each single relay member.

* Whoever is not in possession of a triathlon membership, issued by the respective Federations, upon collecting the race packet, must sign a daily membership card at the cost of € 30,00 for the single athlete and € 15 for the athlete registered in the relay race (the members of the EPS such as CSEN and ASI will be entitled to the 50% discount on the daily membership), presenting a competitive medical certificate valid for the triathlon discipline and issued on the Italian territory.

** If an athlete is already in possession of a competitive medical certificate valid only for one of the three disciplines (swimming or cycling or running) he / she must extend his / her validity for the multi-discipline of the sport with his / her doctor or the Sports Medicine Center triathlon according to the regulations in force in the Italian territory. For relay athletes it will be sufficient and necessary to have the certificate for the discipline they will face.

*** For foreign athletes not affiliated to the federation of their country and mandatory to present a medical certificate issued by an authorized Italian body.

These obligations apply to any organization of any type of competition and all sports and concern Italian laws and regulations.

Italian and foreign athletes athletes regularly registered for the respective Triathlon Federations or anyone with a medical certificate of fitness for triathlon (issued in Italy) who signs the daily membership.

the relay race is scheduled for the FULL distance only, the teams can also be formed by athletes of different sexes, the start will be together with the first Age group drums. The first change (swimming / bike) will take place in the change area at the bike station.




Cancellation and / or withdrawal from the race:

  • up to 4 months before the day of the race: 50% refund of the registration fee
  • up to 2 months before the day of the race: 25% refund of the registration fee
  • after the 2 months before the race no refund will be due
  • It is not possible to transfer the registration to another athlete and / or to a subsequent race or year.